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Review of Ubuy South Sorea
Worth Shopping
I bought two items worth USD1200 on 28 May. The ubuy site stated that the shipment will take 5-6 days. Site said shipment is from USA. Confirmation after purchase did not provide courier tracking number. I emailed them and only got the tracking number on 4 June. They kept saying tracking details will be provided after goods reach their warehouse by the seller. After several email exchange, ubuy finally provided me with an tracking number on day 7. When I emailed Aramex they said to check with ubuy as goods has not bee delivered to them. By which time, I became anxious. Only on 9th day, Aramex site indicate goods are in transit. I finally received the goods on day 19. Fortunately the goods are what I had ordered. Ubuy could really improve on their representations, if it really takes 19 days for product to be delivered then just say it. It would save me unnecessary anxiety.

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